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HSBATTERYPEN, Single Sided / Battery Tab Welder





Hobby Spot HSBATTYERPEN Battery Tab Welding Head. 


The HSBATTERYPEN allows users of Hobby Spot Welders - capacitive discharge welders to make single sided spot welds in thin sheet metal.  This operation is critical in spot welding items like battery tabs/terminals.  The HSBATTERYPEN has been designed to weld nickel battery tabs but can be used on a variety of materials.


Although designed primarily for welding battery tabs the HSBATTERYPEN can be used anytime welds can only be made from one side of a work piece.  For example, single sided welds can be made in a jet engine combustor, or exhaust manifold where there is only access from one side!  The HSBATTERYPEN welding head is operated using both hands and requires the HSFOOT foot switch as the weld actuator.  


The figures at left show an outline of making a cordless phone battery pack.  This pack was constructed using the HS300A2 spot welding power supply and HSBATTERYPEN welding attachment.



(1)     Materials to construct a cordless phone battery pack:  HS300A2 CAPACITIVE DISCHARGE POWER SUPPLY, HSBATTERYPEN, 0.003” nickel 200/201 strips, 3 flat top AA batteries, wires and connector, shrink wrap sleeve, heat gun, soldering iron.


(2)     Align the batteries in the proper orientation (series or parallel) and fix batteries in position with hot glue or tape. A fixture may be helpful.


(3)     Place a 0.003” Nickel strip across two batteries.  Make two sets of welds (four welds total) on each battery terminal by placing both HSBATTERYPEN tips on top of the nickel strip, applying firm pressure, and then actuating the weld by depressing the foot switch.  To weld the thickest material possible with a give power supply, place one welding pen on the base metal surface and one pen on the tab material.  This method will result in only one weld each time the foot switch is depressed (See Table 1 to determine thicknesses).


(4)     Use a hot soldering iron to solder wire to nickel positive and negate terminals.


(5)     Place a shrink wrap sleeve over battery pack and use a heat gun or blow dryer to shrink wrapping.


(6)     Finished battery pack is ready for a sticker telling the user voltages, mhA etc.


Body Length

~6 inch

Cord Length

~3 foot

Electrode Tip Diameter

~1/32th inch

Electrode Spacing

User defined

Electrode Pressure

Apply firm pressure by hand


Standard Hobby Spot high current connector.

Weldable Thickness

Nickel to steel base:

See table 1

Stainless to Stainless base:

See table 2

Maximum Battery Height

Any height by hand.


Scotch Brite® pad or small hobby file

Weld actuation

HSFOOT foot switch










Table 1: Maximum Single Sided Nickel Weld Thickness


Table2: Maximum Single Sided Stainless Steel Weld Thickness



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