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  • Battery Spot Welders Power Supplies:

    Our mSpot battery spot welder power supples (welders) utilize capacitive discharge technologies to form spot welds. Users can set the total weld energy and total weld time for the welding process. Then, once connected to a hand attachment or weld head, users are ready to begin welding. These welders are capable of welding nickel strips or nickel tabs to batteries, among other battery-related applications. Click to learn more >>.

  • Battery Style Welding Attachments:

    The versatile design of our battery-style weld head attachment allows users to customize the system setup based on their specific preferences. This design allows users to weld with a hand-held attachment, table edge mounted setup, or on a vertical shaft that allows for multiple weld head height adjustments. The weld head has independant pressure setting adjustment and micro switches for automatic weld triggering. Click to learn more >>.

  • Battery Style Welding Electrodes:

    We offer multiple electrode options including copper, titanium, and molybdenum electrodes. These electrodes are available with centered tips, as well as dual off-set tips that allow for electrodes and welds to be placed in close proximity to eachother. Click to learn more or to purchase Battery Welding Electrodes >>.

  • Battery Welding Nickel Tabs and Nickel Strips:

    We have a large variety of nickel tabs in stock with varying dimensions: tab width, thickness, and length. If the size or dimension you need is not listed on our site, contact us and we can help you get the nickel you need. Click here to learn more about our Battery Nickel Tabs >>

  • Battery Welding Accessories:

    Welcome to Hobby Spot Welders. We manufacture and offer micro spot welders for battery welding. We also offer a variety of other battery-related accessories and products. Click to see some of these other products, including Swrink Wrap, Thermistors, Fish Paper, among others. Click to learn more about our Battery Welding Accessories >>

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